Thursday, February 1, 2007

today's made by me

ok so I seem pretty normal to you right? well I though I would share a few things I have done a round the house that I prefer to think of as creative Mike might have a different idea about that.A couple of yrs ago I wallpapered the bedroom floor with beautiful vintage wallpaper, my daughters dog peed on it so I had to paint over it.I am still loooking for enough paper to do it again.I turned a cabinet upside down so the stubby little legs look like finials and put it in on the bathroom wall.I wallpapered a tiny bathroom floor with vintage greeting cards. I use those vintage velvety almost gaudy bedspreads as rugs.The upstairs bathroom really has a throne... we had no room for pipes so they had to be run across the floor, the solution raise the toilet on a platform.I painted the backsplash of my stove bright red. I go to the junk yard and look for home accessories,so far I have found two great sinks there,one porcelain and one restaurant stainless steel both with draining boards.I have inside furniture on the porch and garden furniture in the kitchen.I had a dinner party, and with not enough bowls I used all the majolica plant pots from my collection for the soup... it looked amazing I might add.ok and one last thing its not about my crazy house stuff it really say's more about me.I ran to the car on my wedding day with a roll of toilet paper in my hand, I couldn't find tissues and of course its captured on film (^_^)


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love your pillows. What a pretty blog you have! Hope you don`t mind that I added you to my links so I can visit again and others too :) Sending prayers for your Veronica that she comes home all better soon to her dear family.


Gypsy Purple said...

Welcome to the world of wonderful wacky women...I feel at home here...this could have happened at my place

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Sounds perfectly normal to me.

nel said...

lol...I love this post! Makes me feel at home...Nel

Anonymous said...

I love your pillows and your creative spirit. Do you have a picture of your tiny bathroom with greeting cards? I think thats a marvelous idea. It all sounds absolutely "normal" to me and fun.I love your blog and can't wait to see what you have written each day. Such a talented and fun lady.

scraphappy aka sandy said...

carol you need to changr the background colour or text colour for paula you cant read it, and i love the header you made for her, i have such a talented sister kissess sandy

MJ said...

I've never thought of wallpapering floor! That's one way of ensuring that it wouldn't be washed except as needed!! I enjoyed your comment on mushy peas; I haven't had mushy peas since I lived in the UK over 1 decade ago! It quickly brought back memories! Thanks for giving them a stir!!

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