Saturday, February 17, 2007

show time X rated

today's made by me

I also managed to finish this today I think it came out just lovely
A vintage shopping trolley I spray painted white and made a liner for
it will be on ebay

On our way to see Dan's show on Friday night, we got a flat tire and it was no fun at all freezing our arse's of trying to change it, now when I say we you all know I mean Mike. I did lend moral support standing with him in the cold while he climbed under the car to get at the spare.

It stared with a burlesque show, and one of the audience members obviously had no clue that there was a show going on, because just as one of the girls started to disrobe he yelled out in shock what the f--K is going on.Every time I thought about his surprise it made me laugh.There was also a performer that was really fabulous she had a hoola hoop and danced in out through and around it a very talented young woman of course the fact that she was wearing very little made the males in the audience very happy

I am not really sure what this performer in the clear plastic wrap was supposed to be or do

Dani sang a few tunes none of which we recognized but the crowd went wild
When I figure out how to add sound I will share with you,but in the mean time a few pictures of her below

talk to ya soon


Lorraine's Blog said...

You are amazing! How do you get so much sewing done so often?

Funny, but we went to a burlesque show here in Toronto, Canada last week (friend of a friend was in the show, otherwise, we wouldn't have gone). So is burlesque back in fashion or have I just never paid any attention? It was a fun evening and different than our usual ho-hum TV night.

Allison said...

You are so talented! I love looking at your creations. Your home is very cute too - love all your treasures :o)

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