Monday, February 12, 2007

they went home ("_")

today's made by me
pink cotton cami top

Well they left today, and it already feels so quiet... now don't get me wrong, I love my peace,but we love having them near us too.I am hoping that in the very near future a wonderful affordable house will pop on to the market and they will be able to come back to live close enough to see them every day.When I came to live here from England I just couldn't understand why my mum was sooooo upset,but now I'm the gran I can see that her tears were totally justified, and I really do get it now.that's what you call living and learning, she was feeling what I feel.I was young and stupid and thought she was overreacting, I guess until you are a granparent you can't even begin to understand that kind of love it's wonderful and unconditional.

~~~~~The only good side to them leaving is I can get back to full time sewing,it is how I make my wage after all and no work no pay (^_^)
I haven't done to much in the last few weeks.Sewing is like therapy for me, so I hope to have some lovely things to show you all in the next few days. I did manage to make another chair slipcover, isn't it a lovely colour

the other one I had listed sold so quickly I had to get another one made and listed
its listed on ebay

I am seriously toying with the idea of taking the camper and going to the round top market in Texas. It's a long drive from here, but I know it would be so much fun. I will have to see what I can get made as there is no point going with not enough I will have to get working hard its only 5 weeks away.

talk to ya soon


Shabby in the City said...

Your chairs are better dressed than some people's children! Except for little Izzy...that is. Love the camisole.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful slipcover. You use such lovely fabric - it is very beautiful. I have always wanted to go the the Rount Top, Texas, hope to make it one day.

Jenny said...

I love the camisole! makes me wish I had a little girl. Oh well, maybe in 20 years I'll have a grandaughter!

you are one very talented person!

lilcottageshoppe said...

Oh, I adore that camisole! Your slipcovers are to die for too! You are inspiring me, I took my sewing machine out yesterday. Now I need to plug it in! :o

Lorraine's Blog said...

You make such lovely things!!

Barbara, from Ephemera in Toronto, gave me your link - isn't her store the greatest? I mind her store sometime when she does other shows. I hope we meet up there sometime!

Jnnifer Paganelli said...

Round top market is worth the terrific...would love to be there too!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jennifer

Gemstone Jewelry said...

Gemstone Jewelry- I am so glad you were able to make this and have this time. Your chair is gorgeous and I LOVE love love LOVE them.

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