Tuesday, February 20, 2007


today's made by me

I just want to clear something up I have had many emails asking me how I get so much sewing done,
well some of the made by me's, are things I did a while ago, so NO I am not a super human sewer that can make a ton of thigs in one day

OK I'm sick of it all, are you ?
I heard one reporter saying "she's out of control and self destructive"

well I'm sorry but she only shaved her head.

I have 4 kids and all four of them have shaved their heads at one point, are they out of control I think NOT, and guess what,IT GROWS BACK...in fact when I was 15 I had a blue streak put in my hair , I'm 51 now you do the math. I was not out of control either, it was shocking to some people in Rawtenstall back then ,and you know old ladies have had pink and blue hair for as long as I can remember, but hey each to his own right.I guess my Idea of out of control self destructive behavior would be chopping off a body part ... it wont grow back.
OK so I have said my bit so I will shut up now

I have no house pics so I will share family pics with you

this is Paddy and he's has been told he looks a lot like Leonardo Dicaprio

this is Michael and he's been told he looks a lot like himself (-_^)

talk to ya soon

Monday, February 19, 2007


today's made by me

Bright and cheery cosmetic bags

I am going to add vintage buttons to finish them off

SEEEEEE... that got your attention din't it.I had the urge for the full English..no no not some weird sexual thing,Full English not full Monty.................ok back on subject now. No Im talking breakfast here, you know the artery clogging, but oh so delicious, fried bacon sausage eggs tomatoes mushrooms and beans with a cup of tea and toast.I get be a bit home sick on these winter days,so I have to load up with comfort food to help me through it,well that's what I tell myself so there!!!I think I might have to have it tommorow. Sometimes I really miss home.
here is a picture I just got from penny. I hope it makes you smile

My stock is slowly building

I managed to get this done and I think it came out just lovely.it is more fitted than the other slipcovers... variety is the spice of life after all

Saturday, February 17, 2007

show time X rated

today's made by me

I also managed to finish this today I think it came out just lovely
A vintage shopping trolley I spray painted white and made a liner for
it will be on ebay

On our way to see Dan's show on Friday night, we got a flat tire and it was no fun at all freezing our arse's of trying to change it, now when I say we you all know I mean Mike. I did lend moral support standing with him in the cold while he climbed under the car to get at the spare.

It stared with a burlesque show, and one of the audience members obviously had no clue that there was a show going on, because just as one of the girls started to disrobe he yelled out in shock what the f--K is going on.Every time I thought about his surprise it made me laugh.There was also a performer that was really fabulous she had a hoola hoop and danced in out through and around it a very talented young woman of course the fact that she was wearing very little made the males in the audience very happy

I am not really sure what this performer in the clear plastic wrap was supposed to be or do

Dani sang a few tunes none of which we recognized but the crowd went wild
When I figure out how to add sound I will share with you,but in the mean time a few pictures of her below

talk to ya soon

Monday, February 12, 2007

they went home ("_")

today's made by me
pink cotton cami top

Well they left today, and it already feels so quiet... now don't get me wrong, I love my peace,but we love having them near us too.I am hoping that in the very near future a wonderful affordable house will pop on to the market and they will be able to come back to live close enough to see them every day.When I came to live here from England I just couldn't understand why my mum was sooooo upset,but now I'm the gran I can see that her tears were totally justified, and I really do get it now.that's what you call living and learning, she was feeling what I feel.I was young and stupid and thought she was overreacting, I guess until you are a granparent you can't even begin to understand that kind of love it's wonderful and unconditional.

~~~~~The only good side to them leaving is I can get back to full time sewing,it is how I make my wage after all and no work no pay (^_^)
I haven't done to much in the last few weeks.Sewing is like therapy for me, so I hope to have some lovely things to show you all in the next few days. I did manage to make another chair slipcover, isn't it a lovely colour

the other one I had listed sold so quickly I had to get another one made and listed
its listed on ebay

I am seriously toying with the idea of taking the camper and going to the round top market in Texas. It's a long drive from here, but I know it would be so much fun. I will have to see what I can get made as there is no point going with not enough stock.so I will have to get working hard its only 5 weeks away.

talk to ya soon

Sunday, February 11, 2007

winter picnic

today's made by me
vintage fabric baby shoes

today was one of those lovely bright sunny but cold days, it didn't stop us from making a fort in the yard and having a picnic .I had an old dirty tarp that we draped over the arbour and held it up with poles.The tarp had a huge
ball of ice stuck to it, and as I tried to get it off, Izzy said "wawa we can leave it there... it can be the light like a chandelier" NOW THAT'S AN IMAGINATION.

Kids can somehow make the most of everything and what a lovely trait to have.

With cheese and peanut butter crackers they had a feast fit for royalty and they didn't notice the holes or the dirt on the tarp to them it was marvelous

they are leaving to go back to Florida tomorrow and I will be sad to see them go.
They make my world sweeter,as I'm sure any of you that are grannies know only to well

talk to ya soon

Thursday, February 8, 2007

tidying brrrrrrrrr

today's made by me

chenille easter eggs

I decided to spend a few minutes tidying the camper today,but it is so cold.I run out there do a little clean up and run back in... have a cuppa and go out again. it shouldn't take to long to get it in order.I am just trying to figure out what I need for the spring shows . Like I mentioned in an earlier posting this is me trying to be organized(^_^)

I love having the camper for my storage room. I have all my stock in there, its a great way to keep it all together and I can see what I have. I can't wait to get out to the shows.

As promised pictures of the finished slipcover. I listed it for sale on ebay this afternoon I am in
a slipcover making mood, so I had better take advantage of that my moods change so quickly

here are a couple more pictures of the front section of the camper there is great storage under the seats and its all hidden away by a cute vintage fabric ruffle I am working on the back where the bed is and I will post pictures at a later date

talk to ya soon

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


today's made by me
I used a wedding dress that I found at goodwill to make these
Its funny when you are younger you really don't appreciate the time you can spend with your siblings, I MISS MY SISTERS. I have been reading their blogs. I want to be there having fun on the allotment with them.I think maybe it's the time of year, it's cold here... way to cold to be out digging that's for sure.

Our dad had such a green thumb that if he planted wellie boots they would have sprouted roots and grown.If he was still alive I know for sure that he would have that allotment in shape in record time. all planted in neat rows.

I started a new slipcover today I don't have pictures today, but I will show you some tomorrow

I have had some emails asking about slipcovers I will be offering some for sale in the next few days.

sharing a picture of miss Izzy she is wearing an outfit that I had knitted

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

thrift day again

We had a great day today at 50c day.Nique and the kids are still here with us and its really great fun to go thrifting with them, they are all veterans at it now even the 2 yr old.

We went to one that's a little farther away because going to the same one gets a little boring.there are 3 that are not to far to go to .

I got some really nice spring like fabric that will soon be slipcovers and I got a ton of long zippers you can never have enough of those.

There is a bakery near the thrift store that sells the best pies they are so like the pies I love from home, so tonight for dinner we will be having chicken pie,chips with mushy peas and gravy
I will feel like I'm right back in Rawtenstall,

and to top it off
the chair is finished it just needs a little steaming to get the creases out of the fabric,and it will be perfect.I think the slipcover gods were on my side with this one don't you think it came out brilliant(^_^)

talk to ya soon carol

Monday, February 5, 2007

family matters

today's made by me

this is a long story I will make it short.
When we were small our parent's were divorcing and my dad needed to have us taken care of,Of couse he never thought for a moment that he was doing us harm.as far as he knew the nuns were the be all and end all and being women of god would take good care of us,but the truth is that they really did NOT. we were in the notorious Golden bridge convent in Ireland.the movie magdelene sisters tells a very sad story. My experience was not nearly as bad as that but tramatic for a nine yr old all the same, and one I will remember till I die.

I consider us lucky we were only there for 9 months.We were innocent kids with parents that loved us to death .. they just didnt love each other anymore and we got caught up in an all to familiar custody battle.

ok I think I have said enough now.I think things that happen good or bad colour your life and I am happy to say I have a very colourful lovely life and a wonderful family

The Irish goverment are trying to make ammends for the abuse .I hope talking about it helps with the healing because after 40 yrs it still hurts to remember

on to a sweeter subject I wanted to share the progress on the slipcover its almost finished. I added lovely pink piping on the arms and around the seat cushion so far I am really delighted with it

talk to ya later

Saturday, February 3, 2007

great day

today's made by me

baby winter went home to veronica last night I miss her already.
what a day !the plumbers arrived to put in the new boiler and shortly after Kathleen and Sandy arrived.They had driven up from connecticut to buy a jacket from me.Kathleen had seen Sandy in church wearing one of my jackets and had asked her where she got it from...no amount of advertising beats word of mouth,and with many phone calls back and forth, I arranged for them to come to the house.she bought a pair of chenille lounge pants and a tote bag too, so the money came in to my right hand and out my left thats life.

wouldn't you know it the plumbers turned on the new boiler and whoooosh water coming down the walls in the front bedroom in a torrent. I had to run back and forth showing them where all the pipes were. Joe said "we are going to have to punch out the walls", WHAT !!! no way.with much discussion and the look of horror on my face they realised that it wasn't such a good idea, so they crawled into the attic to fix it from there. it took a while but they got it done and whoopee we now have heat ,just in time for the 20 degree's that has been forecast

Thursday, February 1, 2007

today's made by me

ok so I seem pretty normal to you right? well I though I would share a few things I have done a round the house that I prefer to think of as creative Mike might have a different idea about that.A couple of yrs ago I wallpapered the bedroom floor with beautiful vintage wallpaper, my daughters dog peed on it so I had to paint over it.I am still loooking for enough paper to do it again.I turned a cabinet upside down so the stubby little legs look like finials and put it in on the bathroom wall.I wallpapered a tiny bathroom floor with vintage greeting cards. I use those vintage velvety almost gaudy bedspreads as rugs.The upstairs bathroom really has a throne... we had no room for pipes so they had to be run across the floor, the solution raise the toilet on a platform.I painted the backsplash of my stove bright red. I go to the junk yard and look for home accessories,so far I have found two great sinks there,one porcelain and one restaurant stainless steel both with draining boards.I have inside furniture on the porch and garden furniture in the kitchen.I had a dinner party, and with not enough bowls I used all the majolica plant pots from my collection for the soup... it looked amazing I might add.ok and one last thing its not about my crazy house stuff it really say's more about me.I ran to the car on my wedding day with a roll of toilet paper in my hand, I couldn't find tissues and of course its captured on film (^_^)

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baby carol
Me on o'connell st Dublin Ireland 1956

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