Tuesday, February 6, 2007

thrift day again

We had a great day today at 50c day.Nique and the kids are still here with us and its really great fun to go thrifting with them, they are all veterans at it now even the 2 yr old.

We went to one that's a little farther away because going to the same one gets a little boring.there are 3 that are not to far to go to .

I got some really nice spring like fabric that will soon be slipcovers and I got a ton of long zippers you can never have enough of those.

There is a bakery near the thrift store that sells the best pies they are so like the pies I love from home, so tonight for dinner we will be having chicken pie,chips with mushy peas and gravy
I will feel like I'm right back in Rawtenstall,

and to top it off
the chair is finished it just needs a little steaming to get the creases out of the fabric,and it will be perfect.I think the slipcover gods were on my side with this one don't you think it came out brilliant(^_^)

talk to ya soon carol


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Trying again to comment on your chair. It is absolutely stunning and I would like to know how you do it so quickly. The fabric is awesome. I wished I could do it that fast - any secrets you can share.

carol said...

hi connie
making things is the only thing I am truly good at and I have the ability to do it really fast I don't know why. I wish I was as good at doing some other things that fast Like cleaning laundry ect

ACottageIndustry said...

Darling!!! I love it!!!!! You are amazing....

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Very very pretty!

paulas plot said...

carol go to paulas-plot and see what we found for you today

Deb said...

Great job and beautiful fabric! Enjoy.

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