Monday, February 19, 2007


today's made by me

Bright and cheery cosmetic bags

I am going to add vintage buttons to finish them off

SEEEEEE... that got your attention din't it.I had the urge for the full no not some weird sexual thing,Full English not full Monty.................ok back on subject now. No Im talking breakfast here, you know the artery clogging, but oh so delicious, fried bacon sausage eggs tomatoes mushrooms and beans with a cup of tea and toast.I get be a bit home sick on these winter days,so I have to load up with comfort food to help me through it,well that's what I tell myself so there!!!I think I might have to have it tommorow. Sometimes I really miss home.
here is a picture I just got from penny. I hope it makes you smile

My stock is slowly building

I managed to get this done and I think it came out just is more fitted than the other slipcovers... variety is the spice of life after all


Heidi said...

Okay, that photo made me LOL! :)
The slipcover is gorgeous! Do you use all thrifted fabric or do you actually buy fabric new? You always use the most beautiful stuff and I'm dying to know if you are lucky enough to find it all second-hand!

scraphappy aka sandy said...

me and paula just had a full english YYUUUUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!

Cherry Menlove said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful slipcover. I love it!!

nel said...

lol...very funny photo!

Your work is beautiful.

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