Tuesday, February 20, 2007


today's made by me

I just want to clear something up I have had many emails asking me how I get so much sewing done,
well some of the made by me's, are things I did a while ago, so NO I am not a super human sewer that can make a ton of thigs in one day

OK I'm sick of it all, are you ?
I heard one reporter saying "she's out of control and self destructive"

well I'm sorry but she only shaved her head.

I have 4 kids and all four of them have shaved their heads at one point, are they out of control I think NOT, and guess what,IT GROWS BACK...in fact when I was 15 I had a blue streak put in my hair , I'm 51 now you do the math. I was not out of control either, it was shocking to some people in Rawtenstall back then ,and you know old ladies have had pink and blue hair for as long as I can remember, but hey each to his own right.I guess my Idea of out of control self destructive behavior would be chopping off a body part ... it wont grow back.
OK so I have said my bit so I will shut up now

I have no house pics so I will share family pics with you

this is Paddy and he's has been told he looks a lot like Leonardo Dicaprio

this is Michael and he's been told he looks a lot like himself (-_^)

talk to ya soon


Shabby in the City said...

Paddy does look like Leonardo!!
Britney is one weird girl...hair or not.
I love all of your made by yous...really talented!

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- You mean you _don't_ want to dwell on 'the deep why' of Britney's shaved head!!??!! >,-) Or learn if there is anyone new, on the growing list of I-fathered-Anna-Nichol-Smith's-baby? You _don't_ want to know, know, know?? >,-)

Last night when this stuff was on tv, my husband shook his head and said; We are becoming a weird country."

But on a lighter side, Paddy well may resemble Leonardo Dicaprio. But imho, Michael does not have to resemble anyone, but himself!!!! Oh my no!!! ,-)

Oh and I used your pic of your lushious vintage fabric covered pillows today. _With_ links to your selling page, of course. I even said I was a good girl and asked you for permission to do so, and you'd said yes. :-)

Now, go turn on the news! There might have been a new Britney-sighting!!!! Be still my heart!!! -grin-


cityfarmer said...

the men...easy on our eyes...brit...well...if I didn't see her bald head on your show I would not have know about it...the news does nothing for me these days...carry on.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

ooh! i adore these little baby booties - how cute =) off to check out the rest of your pretties... debbie

Lisa said...

Love your blog! And I am so glad you said what you did about the Britney/hair thing. I said the exact same thing. Also, my older son's hair has been every color of the rainbow, in fact I think once it was like a rainbow! It's just hair. And I always made the comment about older ladies and their blue hair. Funny how our perspectives dictate what is acceptable.

Ok..not enough coffee for a full rant yet. Your Michael looks like an actor too but I can't think of his name right now. Just in case he was feeling left out. lol

Mona said...

This is my first visit here..so..hello! You sound SO proud of your son. LOVE the hat and sun glasses and whoever he looks like, he is adorable.

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