Saturday, February 3, 2007

great day

today's made by me

baby winter went home to veronica last night I miss her already.
what a day !the plumbers arrived to put in the new boiler and shortly after Kathleen and Sandy arrived.They had driven up from connecticut to buy a jacket from me.Kathleen had seen Sandy in church wearing one of my jackets and had asked her where she got it amount of advertising beats word of mouth,and with many phone calls back and forth, I arranged for them to come to the house.she bought a pair of chenille lounge pants and a tote bag too, so the money came in to my right hand and out my left thats life.

wouldn't you know it the plumbers turned on the new boiler and whoooosh water coming down the walls in the front bedroom in a torrent. I had to run back and forth showing them where all the pipes were. Joe said "we are going to have to punch out the walls", WHAT !!! no way.with much discussion and the look of horror on my face they realised that it wasn't such a good idea, so they crawled into the attic to fix it from there. it took a while but they got it done and whoopee we now have heat ,just in time for the 20 degree's that has been forecast

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scraphappy aka sandy said...

why has everything on the blog gone real big is it the same on your pc or iss it just mine. love your background very pretty you'll have to do one for me, been messin round with the template on mine thought it was that making it all big but yours is the same to

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