Wednesday, January 31, 2007

baby it's cold outside

today's made by me

I have not set foot in my studio for over a week,its so bloody cold.I have had to bring my sewing machine into the house,I hate that because fabric trims and all other sundries somehow manage to follow me in and I know for sure they multiply once you let them loose.

I really don't want to go out there brrrrrrr don't make me.

My spare room (that's not so spare at the moment) is starting to look like a bomb hit it.not only is all my sewing stuff in there, but so is my daughter and her kids.

I really need to get my big bum in gear and start to organize.I was watching one of those shows where someone comes and reorganizes for you... I'm telling you they would have a heart attack if they set foot in my studio
and I bet they would refuse to do it.

I often wonder what makes one person so neat and the next not... believe me I try, and in all honesty my studio will only be tidy for about a day.

What does that say about a person NO!!! you don't need to answer that LOL


Now this is the bedroom that I would love to have. I can't remember where this picture came from ,but I love how it look's, and I dream that one day I will have this room...look there are no sock's thrown on the floor (^_^)

Monday, January 29, 2007

no thrifting

today's made by me

Today I was so tired I didn't go to the thrift store,but tomorrow is 50c day and I will be there.I only got a little more done on the chair so its really not worth showing pictures just yet.I was delighted to be featured on tracey's blog its an honour when someone else think's you are worthy of a blog posting so thank you Tracey .I am sorry to be sort and sweet latley but as you know if you are a regular reader my time is pretty much spoken for
talk to you soon

Sunday, January 28, 2007

beach day

I spent most of this morning messing about with the blog template.I know just enough html to be dangerous, it will be like everything else a wip. I love how I can change it with a few taps on the keyboard .

When my bum became numb from sitting at the pc we decided to take a walk to the beach even though it was cold.We are so lucky we live 2 minutes from the beach, sometimes you really need a breath of fresh air.Izzy was not a happy camper.

just look at that face (^_^)

because of all that has happened this week Mike will be going to Virginia alone,although he is going there for work I think it might actually be better for him,he might get a full night's sleep,waking up for 2 am feeding's all week has really made us both a bit cranky

I am going to try to get some work done this week I feel I am falling behind. I started to cut out and tack the slipcover for the ugly chair

here is the start of it I hope to get more done tomorrow

I will post more pictures soon

I love this picture of izzy's feet

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ahhhhhh relief

We had good news taday, veronica's injuries are less than first thought,but still very serious. She will still have to stay in the hospital for about 2 more weeks.She needs surgery on her ankle and maybe on her knee,the cat scan showed some burst blood vessels and bruising on her brain.They have her on medication and they are doing a wait and see. its been a hectic day. My daughter Nique and kids drove up from florida as soon as she heard the news. She will be a huge help with baby winter.....I'm way to old for 2 am feedings (^_^) we have a full house tonight but its lovely. I have 4 kids and they are all very close and really rally to the rescue of each other...its like the old irish saying "if you kick one of us we all limp".
I want to thank you all for your lovely emails and notes

Monday, January 22, 2007

the BIG decision

Today's made by me

I love to share what I am doing, but
It seems I have a stalker,She is coming to my pages and using me as her personal designer.Thats so NOT cool. I pride myself on the originality of my work and I really don't like being stalked.or used in this way it seems some people have no self respect or integrity .... ok I have vented now (breath)
I went to the town hall today and YES YES, I can have a B&B in the house we are looking at, so now I have to make the decision, do I want to move and start over, or should I stay in this house that I love so much. I have butterflies every time I think of what I will do.It's a huge decision, because to get this house we begged borrowed and almost stole.But I am thinking a head, which if you knew me you would know thats soooo out of character.I will keep you updated on the BIG DECISION.

Cherry tagged me
The Rules: Each player of this game starts with "6 weird things about you". Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things

clearly state this rule.

After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.

here are my six weird things..
1 I sometimes dont brush my hair for a week ,its a good thing its long enough to fit in an eastic band
2 I move furniture around almost everyday,and some how it usually ends right back where it started
3 the sight of butter melting on anything makes me feel ill.
4 I can wave one of my toes independantly of all the others,I really should be in the circus
5 I love the smell of soil (earth)and I can sometimes be found sniffing potatoes at the farmers market
6 I dont like to stay in bed once I have woken up.

here are my taggee's

Saturday, January 20, 2007


todays made by me

these are available on my webpage

I have for many yrs now wanted to use my house as a bed and breakfast.I might even call it Pink Cottage ...hows that for a name{^_^}.

Mike and I have stayed at a few B&Bs and always loved meeting the other guests, its just so different than staying at a hotel. I plan on having 2 guest rooms to begin with,I want to set up a little boutique in the garage where guests can shop for unique handmade gifts.

Afternoon tea will be a must, its one of the things I love most about b&b's.

I think because of where I grew up my b&b will have a definate English flair.

Scones oh Im hungry now .

The problem is that my house is in a little hidden away neighbourhood ....well would'nt you know it, I just saw the perfect house online .Its a house that I have driven by so often, and loved it.

Its in the perfect b&b place. set back from the road on an acre of land .I have to go look at it .I have!! have!! have!! to . Now I have to figure out if I really want to leave my beautiful pink cottage.

here it is I know I could do so much with this. I am gonna have to do some sweet talking to Mike (^_^)
talk to ya soon

I just got a message from my sister Sandy she sent me this picture she thinks shes the Rose hmmmm.that cant be cause Im the REALLY cute one on the right (^_^)the other 2 are my brother Michael and my sister Paula

Thursday, January 18, 2007

bargains bargains

today's made by me

this purse is available for purchase

I go to 50c day with a rule, I will only buy what is 50c that day,but you know how it goes... I hear some lovely vintage piece calling my name from somewhere in the store and I just have to take it home.well this week it was a gorgeous vintage chenille bedspread in mint condition.I also have to confess,I have a passion for sofa's.I love to slipcover them and give them a new life. this one I will be adding to my collection (^_^)

I picked it up at the rock bottom bargain price of $30.00 a few weeks ago.

I am finally going to have to add a new page to my website
it will have some of the lovely vintage pieces I pick up.I have been selling on ebay for almost 8 yrs now, so I have a solid reputation which I think really helps with online sales. I will be putting my pretty finds on my page. I hope to add them this weekend so stop by and take a look

here is the bedspread I found is'nt she lovely

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

dinner and a show

todays made by me

Last night Mike and I ate dinner by the pc... strange you might think, but no
we turned on the web cam and while Ol played the violin ,Iz sang and ridley laughed. we enjoyed our bowl of homemade soup.I think all grandparents should be serenaded by their grandkids while having dinner.Now thats what I call dinner and a show.

I am new to this, so I don't have any one to tag yet, but just give me time hehe,I'm a quick learner

Kim at one woman's cottage life tagged me
so here are a few things about me

I can't help being messy I try to keep it tidy but it always gets away from me

I was born in Dublin Ireland and grew up In rawtenstall England with a short spell in Canada.

I worked as an au-pair in Belgium when I was 17, I took care of 3 girls and loved being there it was a wonderful experience.

I am an insane DIY'er and love to change the house around

I love to do shows, the people I get to meet are just the best and we laugh with them everyday

I don't like to fly.

It never crossed my mind as a teenager that I would one day be a middle aged woman sitting at a PC in Rhode Island (^_^)

I want my website to be my main source of income

I want to have my house as a bed and breakfast... as soon as all the DIY is done

talk to ya later

ps... while I was looking at ulla's page this morning I saw this and I almost peed.I want to start my vardo project NOW ,but its way to cold to be ouside building .I cant wait to get started I will be posting pictures of the progress gypsy caravans

Monday, January 15, 2007


Today's made by me

Being in Canada last week, brought back a memory. When I was little my parents lived in Canada for a few yrs.My dad and a few of his many brothers went there for work,anyway I have a funny mum and dad went out one night and left us with a babysitter who fell asleep. I must have had the decorating making it pretty bug from being a little girl, because my sisiter Paula and I mixed up a batch of Birds yellow custard (custard is a yellow sort of cornstarch powder that you mix with milk to make a dessert)and painted all the walls and most of the furniture,we were so proud, to us it looked sooooo lovely.I often laugh about that when I have apple pie and custard {^_^}
I dont really remember what my mum and dad did when they got home but I am almost certain they were not as thrilled as Paula and I
A few more memories I cut one side of my waist length hair off...see there's my creative side showing itself.I threw Paula's doll down the outside loo and the cried till my dad fished it out.I filled a bucket with pebbels and then licked them all clean.An odd child don't you think {^_^}
talk to ya soon

Thursday, January 11, 2007

N0!!! cornish pasties

todays made by me

I have had many email asking where to buy my made by me's.... so I am going to be posting things next week that will be for sale on a first come first served basis as they will mostly be ooak.

I was so dissapointed to hear that my cornish pastie pub had closed, anyway no worries we found another pub, and had steak pie and chips yum .....there are some things I really do miss about England pie and chips, real cream cakes, walnut whips, crunchies, are you getting the picture {^_^}.I am looking forward to getting home,back to my own sewing room. I have loads of ideas that I just have to get started on if I want that stock for the summer.It was our grandaughters birthday yesterday, I hope she got the box of goodies on time,I packed some home made toffee, a pattern kit, because she loves to craft, and some doll furniture. I found a cute used vintage card in my collection,I tore of the back and kept the pretty front, and because I knew it would make her smile I saftey pinnned money to it, not your typical card from grandma {^_^} I loved getting pressies in the mail when I was small,well I suppose I still do.maybe there will something waiting when I get home
talk to ya soon

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


todays made by me

is sold

I spent the day cutting out bird pincushions with the fabrics I bought on sunday. By the time we get home I will have quite a few to add to my stock for the summer shows.Tomorrow I think I will take a walk and window shop on Queen St...thats Toronto's fancy boutique area from there on to china town.I really want a couple of pretty lanterns.I also need wine glasses I dont drink wine so it never occurs to me to have them,we had a dinner party last week and I had to borrow wine glasses from my neighbour,so I think I might have to break down and get some.
talk to ya later

Monday, January 8, 2007


todays made by me

We arrived at the hotel.I sat down to take off my shoes,and I pinched a nerve in my neck....what a bloody inconvenience that is. The funny side of it though, I went to visit Penny, and as I walked into her shop stychin tyme she came over to hug me and I noticed she was moving a little oddly,she had fallen down the stairs and cracked her ribs.What a lovely pair we made.

Sunday morning Mike and I strolled out to get a cup of tea.I put on my flea'dar and as we were walking along my flea'dar kicked in.I was so happy, not much more can lift the spirits than being away from home and seeing a lovely flea market just sitting there waiting to be explored.Mike had to leave.I loaded him up with bags of fabric, so I could continue to shop.I met Barbara and kelly what great ladies. I purchased some of Barbara's awesome fabric's we got chatting... and 4 hours later, I dragged myself away.We could have talked for another 4 hours.
I have certainly made 2 new friends.If you are in Toronto you have to check out the sunday market,its right across the st form the Lawrence market.It was full of lovely goodies.I bought more fabric ....Add another day to the studio clean up. {^_^}

Last time we were here we found a marvelous pub they served yummy cornish pasties, so will defiently be making a trip there for lunch this week.I think the healthy eating plan will have to be put off until we get home {^_^}
talk to ya soon

Friday, January 5, 2007

todays made by me

good morning,

todays post
has to be short and sweet
Mike and I are off to Canada for a few days.I will get to visit with Penny,my crazy friend.We have been friends since secondary school.We both grew up in Rawtenstall.Its a lovely scenic valley just outside Manchester England.As usual I get the BEST ideas as we are walking out the door,so I will be taking projects with me,I'm sure the other hotels guests won't mind hearing the soothing hum of my sewing machine...will they?.

Our daughter Dani will we in charge of babysitting the house while we are gone.,she's really not very domestic, but who cares she's beautiful and she can sing.

she going to be having... what should I call it hmmmm... an evening of song? It will be in a cafe/bar in providence on feb 16th.We are looking forward to it.

I may not be able to post everyday while we are away but I will do my best

Thursday, January 4, 2007

50c day

Todays Made by me

Yippee a trip to the thrift store.I dont know why I get so excited we do it almost every week on 50c day. Dani and I usually get there as the doors are opening,we run in like fools looking for that perfect 50c find. Oh the thrill.I found some great things this week.A long swingy black wool coat,some jumpers to cut up and craft with,and Dani found a great vintage weekender bag,it even had the key still tucked away inside.So much fun for so little money.ufortunatley it can lead to, oh!! I have to get it, it's only 50c, which in a studio already bursting with fabric yarn and trims is not such a good thing.To top it off I am really really and I mean really messy.I try hard to be tidy... but as my mother in law once said about me I'm like a snail I leave a trail everywhere I go.(shes very very tidy) I have umpteen things going on at once, and it takes hardly anything to distract me.I can't put away the first project cause its not finished,and there's the dilema.My plan this year..... well it started last year really, is to empty my studio completly (not an easy feat I might add)paint it and put big fat shelves on the walls.Now if you could see how much fabric I own, you would know what a huge undertaking this is going to be.My studio is a separate building from the house and there is no heat out there,so I will be cleaning in short spurts.Any excuse to stop and have a cup of tea and buscuits (-:

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

pink cottage

todays Made by me

My pink cottage.
Its hard to see but my little seaside cottage really is pink.Mike and I are insane dIYers just ask our friends... Mike built the porch and he did a wonderful job.This is how the porch looks in the summer

this is the little tiny guest cottage it was originally built as a play house for our grandaughters.They moved away so now we have a cute summer guest room

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My cottage camper

today's made by me

My camper like almost everything in my life is a WIP.

Just when I think its finished it....I come up with a better plan for storage.I use the camper to travel to shows, so I need to be able to pack it with goodies, and still have room to live in it while I'm at the show.

I had Mike rip out the toilet and shower, most shows have both of these, and it gave me more room for stock.

I made slip covers for the seats from a vintage table cloth and pink vintage chenille,the pillows are all really gorgeous 1940s soft cottons and the windows have vintage lace curtains, I even added drippy shabby chic style chandeliers.Its my little shabby cottage paradise when I'm at shows.I plan to paint the outside of it too, right now its white with a pink stripe.I did add little shutters. I made them from those black plant trays you get from the nursery. I glued them to on with clear silicone it works really well.

Mike also raised the bed so now I can hang my baby jackets on rails under the bed, its awesome they don't get all creased up being stuffed in bins. I will add more photos of that in a later post.

Now I can see everything.

I have also been collecting vintage suitcases to use as both storage and display.they look so cute in my booth and set up is so much easier.I will share photos of the shows as I do them
I found a lovely site with gypsy caravans makes me think of Johnny Depp in chocolat.....that sets my mind off on a whole other tangent,oh it don't take much. I think I might buy another camper and redo it for sale. I wonder if I could make a business from that.

I love doing it.I could call them cottage campers what do you think

post a comment to let me know
there will be lots of updates on the camper as work progresses

baby shoes

These are what I made today.I am going to post a new item everyday in preparation for my upcoming shows.I love to share.I love baby shoes.My resolution this year is to be ready for the shows,thats my promise to myself every year and I'm never ready... oh well its a new year.The Brimfield antique market is my favorite show.I bought an old RV last year, to use for shows. I am redoing the interior.Its going to be just fab.I will share pictures with you later.

Monday, January 1, 2007

well here I am

today is the first of january 07, so I have decided to join in on all the blogging thats going on.Am I always the last to do things ? lazy to figure out all that tech stuff.
I would rather be sewing
but here I am ready to get going .
I hope to make friends with loads of you and share what I make,and what I find. I am an avid trash picker .I wish us all a lovely warm soft 07, oh I just realized 2007, Bond.... James Bond, see I told you I was always last to get it...ha

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baby carol

baby carol
Me on o'connell st Dublin Ireland 1956

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