Monday, January 15, 2007


Today's made by me

Being in Canada last week, brought back a memory. When I was little my parents lived in Canada for a few yrs.My dad and a few of his many brothers went there for work,anyway I have a funny mum and dad went out one night and left us with a babysitter who fell asleep. I must have had the decorating making it pretty bug from being a little girl, because my sisiter Paula and I mixed up a batch of Birds yellow custard (custard is a yellow sort of cornstarch powder that you mix with milk to make a dessert)and painted all the walls and most of the furniture,we were so proud, to us it looked sooooo lovely.I often laugh about that when I have apple pie and custard {^_^}
I dont really remember what my mum and dad did when they got home but I am almost certain they were not as thrilled as Paula and I
A few more memories I cut one side of my waist length hair off...see there's my creative side showing itself.I threw Paula's doll down the outside loo and the cried till my dad fished it out.I filled a bucket with pebbels and then licked them all clean.An odd child don't you think {^_^}
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vicki said...

what a waste of yummy bird's custard, we get that in australia too. i must say that your colour choice was good tho, a nice cheery yellow. your parent's probably fainted when they got home. love all your stuff, can i live in your camper? cheers, vicki

scraphappy said...

i bet i know what happened when mum and dad got home

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