Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ahhhhhh relief

We had good news taday, veronica's injuries are less than first thought,but still very serious. She will still have to stay in the hospital for about 2 more weeks.She needs surgery on her ankle and maybe on her knee,the cat scan showed some burst blood vessels and bruising on her brain.They have her on medication and they are doing a wait and see. its been a hectic day. My daughter Nique and kids drove up from florida as soon as she heard the news. She will be a huge help with baby winter.....I'm way to old for 2 am feedings (^_^) we have a full house tonight but its lovely. I have 4 kids and they are all very close and really rally to the rescue of each other...its like the old irish saying "if you kick one of us we all limp".
I want to thank you all for your lovely emails and notes


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sons fiance. At least there is a bit of good news today. I think you're a wonderful family to pull together to get through this. It has to be so difficult with a newborn baby.
My prayers go out to all of you.
Keep a good thought.

norththreads said...

My prayers to you & your family~

Tiff said...

Keeping you all in my prayers and hope she has a speedy and uneventful recovery. What wonderful children you have that they are all ready to help each other (and you).


jenny holiday said...

Hello Carol! Oh I am just so so sorry about your son's fiance! My goodness! I know first hand about terrible phone calls.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and your family! Best Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

Thank you so so much for your lovely lil email, and for stopping by my blog! So kind! I love your creations to bits! So so lovely!! It is so fun to have a new place to visit in blogland!!

Happy Creating Happy Blogging!
xoxo Jenny

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