Saturday, January 20, 2007


todays made by me

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I have for many yrs now wanted to use my house as a bed and breakfast.I might even call it Pink Cottage ...hows that for a name{^_^}.

Mike and I have stayed at a few B&Bs and always loved meeting the other guests, its just so different than staying at a hotel. I plan on having 2 guest rooms to begin with,I want to set up a little boutique in the garage where guests can shop for unique handmade gifts.

Afternoon tea will be a must, its one of the things I love most about b&b's.

I think because of where I grew up my b&b will have a definate English flair.

Scones oh Im hungry now .

The problem is that my house is in a little hidden away neighbourhood ....well would'nt you know it, I just saw the perfect house online .Its a house that I have driven by so often, and loved it.

Its in the perfect b&b place. set back from the road on an acre of land .I have to go look at it .I have!! have!! have!! to . Now I have to figure out if I really want to leave my beautiful pink cottage.

here it is I know I could do so much with this. I am gonna have to do some sweet talking to Mike (^_^)
talk to ya soon

I just got a message from my sister Sandy she sent me this picture she thinks shes the Rose hmmmm.that cant be cause Im the REALLY cute one on the right (^_^)the other 2 are my brother Michael and my sister Paula


scraphappy said...

i am the cutest the little one in the middle

norththreads said...

Hi Carol
This is my first time visiting & wow! Such pretties!! Love your goods!

Shabby in the City said...

You have made me think of so many things I can't decide where to start...a B& up on the hotel taxes...friends have told me you must charge almost more than people can pay a night due to the high cost of those. Even hosting receptions and weddings they eventually had to close. Don't want to discourage you but better now than later.
I have a website I could never get a shopping program on! I'll tell you more if you want to email me. Gee this all sounds negative and that isn't me at all!
Cute picture :)

Clare said...

We always prefer B&B's to hotels, there are some really delightful ones here in England - and in New England!! We often muse about running a B&B too - not sure about getting up to cook all those early morning breakfasts on the weekends! Lovely photo and lovely 'made by you'!

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