Thursday, January 4, 2007

50c day

Todays Made by me

Yippee a trip to the thrift store.I dont know why I get so excited we do it almost every week on 50c day. Dani and I usually get there as the doors are opening,we run in like fools looking for that perfect 50c find. Oh the thrill.I found some great things this week.A long swingy black wool coat,some jumpers to cut up and craft with,and Dani found a great vintage weekender bag,it even had the key still tucked away inside.So much fun for so little money.ufortunatley it can lead to, oh!! I have to get it, it's only 50c, which in a studio already bursting with fabric yarn and trims is not such a good thing.To top it off I am really really and I mean really messy.I try hard to be tidy... but as my mother in law once said about me I'm like a snail I leave a trail everywhere I go.(shes very very tidy) I have umpteen things going on at once, and it takes hardly anything to distract me.I can't put away the first project cause its not finished,and there's the dilema.My plan this year..... well it started last year really, is to empty my studio completly (not an easy feat I might add)paint it and put big fat shelves on the walls.Now if you could see how much fabric I own, you would know what a huge undertaking this is going to be.My studio is a separate building from the house and there is no heat out there,so I will be cleaning in short spurts.Any excuse to stop and have a cup of tea and buscuits (-:

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Kim said...

Ooooh! I'm so excited to have found your Pink Cottage! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your new blog...I love what I've read and seen so far - your place is adorable!

And I can't tell you how comforting it is to know someone else who is messy! hehe!

I need to post some of my thrifty finds soon...I always forget to take pictures and share. The hunt is so much fun though!

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